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Edu-Life Coach

We welcome you for a journey with us  to equip, empower and motivate students to reach their full potential.


We are excited to have opportunities to help high school and college students maximize their potential and engage in life to the fullest extent possible.

Objectively assess barriers to academic success

Establish attainable educational goals

Motivate to study

Cope with stress

Build self confidence

Edu Life Coaching is on a mission to equip young people with the skills most necessary to thrive and meet future challenges, focused on positive change in the lives of teens & children for decades.

Today’s young adults are under more academic demands and pressure to perform than any previous generation. While our job market and economy is in a revolution, it is imperative that young adults must know how to adapt to change, how to recover quickly when they don’t get the desired results, and how to critically solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.


We offer a one-to-one life coaching program for high school and college students through ICF trained and certified life coaches. We are passionate about the difference life coaching makes in the lives of young people, and we are looking for ways to make life coaching accessible. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you set up with an initial interview with an Edu Life Coach.


  • Edu Life coaching programs empowers students by helping them:

  • Objectively assess barriers to academic success

  • Establish attainable educational goals

  • Develop and maintain positive daily routines

  • Improve time management and organizational skills

  • Enhance self-esteem and self-advocacy skills

  • Develop a study schedule

  • Become active learners and class participants

  • Take effective lecture notes

  • Prepare for exams

  • Balance academic and social demands

  • Establish rapport with teachers & professors

  • Utilize leverage learning resources

  • Motivate to study

  • Be systematic and follow a strategy to be well prepared for final examinations

  • Aim for educating for a competitive and satisfying employment

  • Recognizing talents and developing potential

  • Build self confidence

  • To overcome weakness and develop strengths

  • Be transformed  to lead a good personal and professional life

  • Lead healthy lifestyle

  • Cope with stress


If you are ready to have a personal academic coach to help you reach your goals, please schedule an appointment, and get started on the road to success. EduLife coaching is designed to help students realize the abilities they already have, within themselves, for learning and self-fulfillment.  


Edu-Life Coaching is a program that makes their work more effectiveand more efficient. For fees related enquires write to us at 


My daughter who is in nineth grade got enrolled for Edu-life Coach program with Dr. Kurien. It was a surprise to our family and teachers that she started to study very systematically; answers correctly and quickly. What we couldn't do in years, he did it so quickly.We will certainly enrol her coming year too. Thank you Sir.
-Ms.C.......  H........ (India)


"I know it's been very long since we last corresponded. Its’ quite a hectic semester. But the good news is I am done with engineering. Well, almost done. Just one more semester to go. But no more exams. I am over with that part. This semester only consists of project work. I am staying back in Mumbai and doing my project here at ............. That part I can manage. Plus, I also have another news. Last semester got placed in .........!! and a large part of the credit goes to your Edu Life Coaching. You have helped immensely into transforming me into a better person which is why this was possible. Core placements are still going on but the offers coming for our branch aren't that great. Let's see what happens next. Once again thank you Dr. Kurien for everything. You are admirable." 
– Ms. N………. D……. (India)

*Names of clients have been hidden to conceal identity. All testimonials are pasted verbatim as given to us by our esteemed clients.


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