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Pre-Post Marital Counselling

What is Post Marital Life Counselling ?

Post Marital Life Counselling is a process of understanding the eachother better and establishing the right chord in the realtionship (especially by a qualified person) to the marital partners in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. Marriage counselling involves recommending a course of action to solve personal difficulties, and gives individuals the chance to talk about their issues in a comfortable and confidential manner. This process may need anywhere between 1 to 3 sessions sometimes even more.

However, for a much better and long-term result, what is required is “individual relationship therapy” as I call it. Therapy basically means treatment, but here it means more of healing and training the individuals to improve and maintain their relationships. This process may need anywhere between 12 to 24 sessions. Individual relationship therapy is more about seemingly intractable problems with a relationship history, where emotions are the target and the agent of change. It has lot to do with the past, even the early childhood.


​Why Pre-Marital Life Counselling ?

Like Western countries, the divorce rate in our country is steadily on the rise. On going into details, invariably the cause is found to be either a physical incompatibility or emotional incongruity between the partners. Our personal observation has been, that in 90% cases the trauma of divorce could have easily been avoided, if only the young adults had undergone pre-marital orientation/counseling before getting into Holy Matrimony.​

Statistics show that the rate of psychological disturbances due to 'maladjustment' in couples leading to Suicide, Homicide, Marital breakdown, Alcoholism, Drug abuse etc. are increasing at an alarming rate. Cases of depression, stress, nervous anxiety and psychosomatic disorders are on the rise particularly in married couples.

It is easy to fall in love. But it is a lot harder to stay in love. Does anyone systematically teach us how to have an emotionally and physically fulfilling and meaningful relationship? Probably 'no one'. Well, finally, here is the missing information you need to create the happy marriage you deserve!

Being aware of crucial issues, which could become contaminants in marital life, learning the art of healthy communication, which can facilitate problem-solving in relationships, are some of the aspects, which will be covered in Pre-Marital Counselling.

We are married for over a decade now, do we need post marriage counselling?

Generally, couples take each other for granted and think that they know all about their spouse and it’s just adjustment and compromise that is essential to keep the marriage going. You have one life; would you as a spouse want to live in chains or want to explore better ways to lead a happily married life with your spouse?

If the answer to this is “Yes”; all you need to do it contact us to experience the joy of living in your married life.

We are married and we do not have problems but we feel that there is something missing in our married life, what can it be?

You are right, there are many couples who come to us saying the same sentence. Some missing and cannot find out? Come to us to redefine your married life into a meaningful one.

We are about to get married and we have been dating for some time, we feel we know everything about each other. Do we need post marriage counselling?

This is a good question and this question can be answered in one simple phrase “Prevention is better than cure”. During pre-marital counselling we understand the personality of both the spouse and give necessary and practical guidelines to lead a meaningful and colourful married life.

We feel that in our married life all is well. Do we still need marriage counselling?

You can make your married life more meaningful and colourful as we try to unearth the best qualities that you have within you which can lead you as a couple a way to go.

We are staying in a different location, how can we avail your services?

Well, with internet by our side geography is now history. You can seek online coaching with prior appointment. You can choose to get our services at your door step too anywhere in the world for details, contact us.


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