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Are you stuck in the wrong job?

Are you currently sitting at your desk, with your head in your hands, unsure whether you're in the right place? We give you a low-down on the signs that tell you're ready for a new job. When is it a risk well worth taking: 'Boring' becomes your favourite word If you're so bored at work that updating your status on Facebook or re-tweeting posts is the only exciting thing that you do during the day, it's time to start updating your resume . Sometimes, things are a little slow if you're just learning the ropes or if you're in between projects, but if the idleness persists, you have to think about the situation and your careerseriously. You get mood swings often

How happy are you? If you're in a bad mood every other day, it is one major thing that indicates that you should leave your current job. It is absolutely normal to have a bad day once in a fortnight. It is a part of every job. But if you're dragging yourself to work forcefully everyday and then just sulking all day, start typing out that letter of resignation. Being depressed 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week is not acceptable where quality of life is concerned. If you're that unhappy in your current job, divert all your efforts in finding a better one instead of crying over it. Lack of opportunities to grow

At some work places, you might like the kind of work you are doing and the kind of people you're working with but there's just no room to climb the ladder. That might be OK for a while, but after a point you might want to get better at your job. If you're already at the top of where you can go in your company but have started to crave something more, look at your current job as a stepping stone and resume-builder rather than somewhere you have to stay for good. If you're not feeling challenged, you're just going to end up feeling unhappy. No social life

You have to put your best in whatever you do. There are times when you are expected to take on extra tasks or pitch in to finish up something on a tight deadline. But if you can't remember the last time you met your friends or went out on a family outing, you might want to opt for a job that consumes a little lesser time. Your work might be giving you the desired job satisfaction but having no life outside the office is unhealthy and can eventually lead to stress and anxiety. You're underutilized

This might be the case with you. You have the skills that would be beneficial to your employer but you're not just getting the chance to prove your mettle, especially if you are hired for one thing but you're getting stuck with administrative tasks. Ask for some one-on-one time with your boss and explain the kind of work you would be interested in doing. Bring forth a clear picture. If you're still relegated to menial tasks, it may be time to move on. You dream about quitting

If you're already at the stage of wishing for a new job or even thinking about doing anything but what you're doing, take those thoughts seriously and figure out what you want to do next. You need to be proactive when it comes to your career. Research on the vacancies at various companies, polish your resume, and start applying for anything intriguing that comes up.

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