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Time Management in Kitchen- A joint initiative

Kitchen is one of the important place in a home. For a working man and woman time spent in kitchen is very significant. Tasty food served as per mood of the family also weighs prime importance for acceptance. Kitchen job is not only a woman’s job anymore especially for working professionals.

Every day ordering food from outside is not a healthy option. Home cooked food got all-season flavour one can never get bored of. That’s the reason why “Ghar ka khana” (Home cooked food in Hindi) is so divine always. However, cooking on a day to day basis can be tiresome and impractical due to various reasons like work demands, commuting hassles, kid’s demands, time spend by the couple together and various other issues. Hence, time management in kitchen is very significant.

Here are some tips you could try for a smart kitchen story:

Plan for the week:

Planning for the week can help you reduce time to think what to cook and also run time to buy groceries needed to cook. It would sometimes bring in new ideas of food combinations to try out and can buy new taste buds of your family members.

Stock to just feed for the week

Too much of stock will be boring and heavy for your wallet. Store optimum so that space to store is used wisely and groceries purchased do not last beyond expiry date. Sometimes, you would get bored with some groceries and would want to buy something different. Stocking more may prevent you from getting those as you would want the stock to dry.

Stock some ready to serve

Though cooking fresh is recommended healthy eating, working professional cannot opt to cook fresh all the time. You can get naughty to eat some ready to serve occasionally thus feeding the family differently to bring a good change.

Jointly set time to cook

As mentioned earlier a joint cooking option is always a wise option as it buys more couple time to talk effectively and to be together which would also be an impossible thing otherwise due to various factors during the week. A feel good factor will be experience by each of the couple when each of you render a helping hand to the other. It’s fun. Just as we say charity begins at home; good team spirit too begins at home and would a good example to be displayed before your kids. Being together even during weekdays is very important for a married life to bloom. Marriage is certainly not a weekend affair alone.

Happy joint cooking and bon appetit

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