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1. Generate awareness of Stress

Try to find out what stresses you the most.

Short term stress signals are

* Heartburns/hiccups * Aching neck, shoulder or muscles * Smoking more/drinking more * Eating more * Talking too much or too loudly.

Long term signals are

* Headaches/migraines * Restless nights * Depression * Complete lack of interest in food * Increased or Decreased desire for sex * Low energy * Sore/glazed/bloodshot eyes

2. Fit Physically

All researchers agree that keeping fit can lengthen your life, have a positive effect on brain and increase to cope with stress.

3. Healthy Diet

Dietary experts suggest to eat less saturated fats, more high-fiber food, less salt, less sugar, fewer calories, less cholesterol and more food which contain starch. Excess caffeine and nicotine and concentrated sugar in the body can increase stress levels.

4. Relax

Body needs regular rest. Relaxation is vital. What technique you use to relax is what suits you the most. On identifying that you need to try various options and adapt what suits you well. * Yoga * Meditation * Muscle Relaxation

5. Give intervals during day at work

It is necessary to give a pause between work to get recharged and get extra stamina to work effectively during the day.

6. Breath well

When stress strikes a person the first thing that changes is the breathing pattern. Breathing is easy to control. If you keep your breathing at low-even rate, your body will relax, your mental state will get better and you will have better control to beat the stress.

7. Organise your work

One of the biggest thing to avoid stress is to plan and arrange things so that you are prepared for the work at home and at your office. Sometimes lack of information can also gather stress. *Try to get work done in quality and quantity. * Do one thing at a time, keeping an eye on the next thing to do. * Keep your work place tidy. * Keep things at your hands distance so that you can lean quickly to get what you want. * Store everything you need during the work within reach. * Maintain personal hygenie. * Develop team spirit.

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