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Are you suffering from relaxation-induced anxiety?

Another city-based psychologist, Dr Kurien Thomas, says the worry also arises from a fear where people feel their mind has slowed down too much. "When the thoughts slow down, it can really work up people who are not used to it. They are unable to fathom this as a normal part of behaviour."

(As appeared in Bombay Times)

Focus on looks can affect a relationship


Recently an online dating service was in the news for using the photo of a scantily clad obese model as promotion.

It encouraged men to cheat on their overweight wives and was slammed by the model for body shaming and promoting infidelity. CT looks at how being picked on for the way you look, can weigh down your relationship.

BE MORE SENSITIVE... Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist, says, "When one loses self confidence due to body shaming it is the duty of the other partner to first instill confidence and make their partner comfortable. Empathise with your partner with your words instead."  ​

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Dog is no longer man's best friend!

Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor and wellness therapist adds, "I think more than the PC or laptop, it's cellphones that have become man's new best friends. People feel handicapped without their cellphone. I remember dealing with a patient who had come to me for counselling but forgot his cellphone at home. He was so restless during my interaction with him. He only settled down once he got his cellphone back. One of the main reasons for this kind of dependence on gadgets is that we can carry them with us 24/7, while there are restrictions on where we can take our pets. These are not applicable to our gadgets. Besides they are low maintenance and keep us occupied and entertained."

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Strong mind, for a strong body

It’s an old story. You start with a new diet with full-blown enthusiasm only to leave it midway a few weeks down the line. It’s a never-ending rut, of sifting through different diets and fitness regimen. You keep piling on kilos as one plan after another bites the dust. Many blame it on stamina, but what you may not know, is that it’s your mind that’s the culprit here. Hence, it’s crucial to train your mind to fight temptations before you hit the gym and fight flab. Dr Kurien Thomas tells you how.

(As appeared in Mumbai Mirror)

Scout camp turns into booze party


Dr Kurien Thomas, a psychotherapist and counsellor said, "Teenagers want to experiment after watching movies and TV without knowing the consequences. The parents also need to be counselled as they need to understand the child's behaviour."

(As appeared in Mumbai Mirror)

Effective Living Clinic inaugurated at Vashi

Dr Kurien’s Effective Living Inc., a global psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, yoga and stress management clinic was inaugurated on November 11th at Sector 3, Vashi by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos, Bishop of Mar Thoma Syrian Church. Eminent doctors including Prof. Dr. James Thomas, Vice Chancellor of Padmashree Dr. D. Y Patil University attended the inaugural ceremony. Effective Living Clinic is engaged in bringing positive effects in Life and transforming lives amidst diverse challenges. “ “There are a range of warning signals that could indicate the need for therapy-including marital or family relationship, dissatisfaction or distress, alcohol or drug abuse, depression, physical problems, decision making challenges, academic issues, chronic work related stress and inability to set or attain goals. For those going through one or more of these challenges, Effective Living Clinic provides a wide range of options for addressing many different kinds of psychological distress with most appropriate techniques including cognitive analysis, NLP, behavioral therapy, family and relationship counselling” says Dr. Kurien Thomas. For more information call on 9969105310 or 9987223811 or log on to

(As appeared in Vashi Times)

"Is my son gay?"

Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist  and psychotherapist, says, “I do not think the given parameters are enough to label a guy as ‘gay’. Going by recent trends, we see that many guys like to look a bit feminine. Guys today apply make up, bleach their face, wax their body, etc. Does it mean that a guy who does all this should be labelled as gay’?  Parents and friends must refrain from using such tests. ” Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany, adds, “ I’m completely against such applications as they are misleading. These traits can also be in a heterosexual person. And some of these traits do change over a period of time.  We have had cases where parents have undergone depression because they had wrong information on several topics. The right way of testing the sexual orientation is taking a proper clinical interview with a person, who seems confused.”

(As appeared in The Sunday Times)

Clinic on Effective Living inagurated at Vashi


Dr. Kurien’s Effective Living Inc., a global psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, yoga and stress management clinic was inaugurated on 11th November a Sector 3, Vashi by Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos, Bishop of Mar Thoma Syrian Church. Eminent doctors including Prof. Dr. James Thomas, Vice Chancellor of Padmashress Dr. D Y Patil University attend the inaugural  ceremony.
Effective Living is budded with a vision of bringing positive changse in life and transforming lives amidst diverse challenges. Speaking to The Twin City Times, Dr Kurien Thomas said “We focus on behavioral and attitude change during the consulting / training to motivate, inspire and empower along with follow up support with performance analysis. Imagination has the power to motivate. When one actually sees what’s in store, the desire to acquire it becomes stronger.”
Effective Living Clinic provides a wide range of options for addressing many different kinds of psychological distress with most appropriate techniques including cognitive analysis, NLP, Behavioral Therapy, Family and Relationship Counselling.

(As appeared in The Twin City Times)

Aceing 'the' role

Vashi based clinical psychologist Dr. Kurien Thomas says “ A modern father is seen coming in various forms. He is not the traditional bread winner of family who is a rigid disciplinarian. In fact, he is more of a friend to his children today.”  Most children look up to their father as their role model which get tough at times.

(As appeared in DNA India)

Agressive behaviour on road mostly stems from stress

This kind of behavior also depends on the level of education. Education lessens the possibility if aggressive behavior on the roads however, it is highly subjective. Dr Kurien Thomas, clinical psychologist and counsellor, opines that one must always keep in mind the time and possible traffic.”Calmness is important. A person who is not calm over reacts to situations, this inviting trouble.  A sleep deprived person is also susceptible to irresponsible road behavior. One must also refrain from unpleasant gestures, constant flashing of lights etc,” he said.
Most importantly, people must ensure that they drive safely. “One can take anger management which will help to ingrain the value of tolerance. Once can also keep the photographs of loves. They will realize that they have certain obligations towards others and drive will be rational” said Deputy Commissioner of police (traffic) Vijay Patil.

(As appeared in DNA India)

The new killer

Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist and counsellor, Effective Living Clinic, Mumbai, explains, “The 1990s have been an eye-opener for India in terms of economic growth and changing lifestyles. But this has also resulted in increased stress and anxiety levels. Earlier, stress was only about nuclear families, but now disparity in incomes, the race to reach the top of the professional ladder, and excess competition is leading to an increase in such cases among Indians.”

(As appeared in The Indian Express)

Friends and integral part of one's life

Counsellors say the value of a friend is know when he/she stays with one irrespective of the situation one might be in. Vashi based clinical psychologist of Effective Living Clinic Dr Kurien Thomas says “Every person requires a set of good friends in life. Friends always see the goodness in you and will strive to even convert your weakness into strengths. Many a times, due to transition in life we are not able to keep track of our friends but in current times social networking help usgetting in touch with our long lost friends.”

(As appeared in DNA India)

Parents to keep children busy during vacation

Counselors advise parents to keep a watch on their wards’ sleeping habits as kids tend to sleep at irregular hours during vacations. Dr Kurien Thomas, clinical psychologist and counselor, says, “Oversleeping or erratic sleeping habits could lead to mood swings. Children should take to reading as it would help them to develop their vocabulary. They can also learn a new language. They can try out activities like taking long walks. They should also socialise and make new friends during this period,” Dr Thomas said.

(As appeared in DNA India)

Juvenile Depression

These days we can see the level of competition is too high that it becomes very hard for the children to handle it in the right way. Do not forget their studies and extra curriculum that needs to go the parallel way. Parents too are demanding when it comes to child’s escalated success. We often see parents comparing their children with other’s children, which itself it the root cause of depression. Reality shows, publicity, fame and other kind of competitions coming in our sphere children are soft target for depression. Children don’t play well nor do they get sleep well. They are over loaded with all kind of stuff. The childhood phase in them is been wiped out at a very early stage in life. Unlike adults, children don’t exhibit sadness or express like adults do, so it becomes difficult to recognize whether a child is depressed or not. They hold back their feelings and that in turn leads to stress and depression.

(As appeared in Orthodox Herald)

Teenagers prefer plastic over paper​

Dr Kurien Thomas a psychotherapist and counsellor from the city feels that giving you child and ATM card helps if he or she is in another city pursuing a particular course. He says” At such times, parents do not need to keep on sending money and can just transfer it to the child’s account directly. But then as ever thing has two sides, this also has its own side effects.  Many times when a child gets his own ATM card, h/she tends to splurge. Earlier, if a youngster wanted to help his friend by giving him some money, he has to ask his parents for it. Nowadays, the child has direct access to money in the bank, so he lends his friend the money without any of his parents even being aware of it. When children get an ATM card, they tend to spend a lot. Sometimes, they waste money at hookah parlour and pubs”

(As appeared in DNA India)

Survivor’s guide to college life

Agreed there might be only two or three years before you become an ‘adult’, but don’t be overconfident. Priyanka Doshi, clinical psychologist and Dr Kurien Thomas, psychotherapist tell you how to make a smooth transition from a school kid to a ‘mature’ collegian:   

(As appeared in Mumbai Mirror and Times of India)

Does your child look for friends outside?


On talking about the pros, Dr Kurien Thomas, a psychologist states that many parents feel that having a single child would mean that they can give more attention and entire savings and property to the child. “ This would mean that the child will have everything ready in hand and can lead a life without financial burdens. The best of educational facilities, luxuries are provided to them, which I see as they only advantage.” Adds Dr Kurien.

(As appeared in DNA India)​

Kidsomniacs’ on the rise in Mumbai

Life has become too hectic for kids, warns city-based psychologist Dr Kurien Thomas. "High stress due to exams, sometimes substance abuse, peer rivalry — all these give way to a potent combination to cause stress and sleep deprivation. Plus, kids are trying to live like adults; they want to imitate them all the time and can't cope with the same pace. Parents too have started expecting their kids to do the same. Obviously, things are going to snap somewhere. To add to this, when sleep woes arise, it's taken as an everyday thing that 'happens', but it actually has adverse effects."

(As appeared in Bombay Times)

Entrepreneurs to seal romantic deals online

Romances and friendships in the corporate world could soon move from the office desk to the virtual one.
Can I have your  business card? It's not something that would normally qualify as a pick up line. However, a new dating service for entrepreneurs could soon change that. Sipping cocktails, entrepreneurs can seal business deals as well as deals of a romantic nature.


Nobody wants to be lonely
Psychotherapist Dr Kurien S Thomas adds, "There is a demand for similar sites in India because people are increasingly living a lonely existence in most urban areas. Some are frustrated with their work, personal lives and with socially placed restrictions, and are trying to break free from them. Online friendship need not mean that they would meet or socialise in real life. It's just an alternative which people are open to exploring." ​

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Are you a victim of body shaming?​

Why adultery is not the solution...
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and in an ideal world looks would not really matter. However, we cannot deny that it's one of the things that attracts and holds our interest. So, what do you do, when the person you fell in love changes drastically over the years. Should you use that as an excuse to cheat on them?

"Definitely not," says Dr Kurien S Thomas Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He adds, "Adultery is not the solution but playing your cards wisely is. In a relationship looks matter but only to a certain extent. For any relationship to survive understanding, love and patience is vital. In a relationship when one person loses self-confidence due to body shaming it is the duty of the other partner to first instill confidence and make their partner comfortable. Empathise with your partner with your words and actions. Instead of comparing them to someone else, it would be wise to illustrate solutions that could make your partner feel desired. Also, encourage them to express how they feel. Criticising or comparing them to someone else is not going to solve anything and will only create more problems. It would be wise to seek professional help which could play a big role in getting desired results."

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Love at gene junction!

Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and wellness therapist, adds, "To the crowd that needs proof for everything, this test can prove effective for showing your compatibility quotient on paper. Otherwise, your own heart and mind will tell you when you meet your soulmate. Love can be only felt and not seen in a test with pass/fail results. Sex is not just for procreation, but also for intimacy between couples. If you are with your soulmate, you will not only enjoy the physical expression of true love, but benefit psychologically too."

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Shopaholic girls, watch out!


Psst! men suffer too

It's not just women, men go through the ill-effects too. "I have a guy who bought a pen with diamonds worth a lakh plus just because he felt he had to have it. Such people don't realise

the utility of what they buy. And too much of this shopaholism can result in severe stress when the credit card bills come home," says clinical psychologist and wellness expert Dr Kurien S Thomas.

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Would you fake a girlfriend?

The single status is often looked upon with disdain by both men and women. It's no wonder that people are afraid to acknowledge it and end up resorting to different methods to ensure they get rid of the tag of 'singledom'.

"It's all about the ego," Dr Kurien S Thomas, clinical psychologist, says. "Some guys may opt for this as it gives them an ego boost and a false sense of security. It takes away the emotional stress that they go through because of peer pressure for not being able to find a girl who appreciates them for who they are."

(As appeared in The Times of India)

Your quirks reveals your inner worries, fears and insecurities

"In fact. their own people don’t try to recognise this abnormality in their behaviour, which is unfair. But normal people don’t really term these acts as some kind of a disorder, they feel it is a part of a persons attributes," adds Karyn.

Dr Kurien Thomas also supports this view. He asserts that there is definitely something that keeps bothering these people and they can't stop thinking about it.
"You might have noticed students tapping their foot while they are trying to concentrate on studies but are unable to h Earlier, it was only adults who suffered from these habits, but these days even youngsters have developed these tendencies.

(As appeared in DNA India)

Rare national honour for Vashi medico


Dr Kurien S Thomas, founder — executive director of Effective Living Clinic in Vashi recently received a gold medal from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for his extra ordinary contributions in the field of alternative medicines. The award ceremony was held in the month of December at Kolkata. Dr Thomas, an MS, MD (AM), MBA, and PhD was the only person from Navi Mumbai to be honoured by the board. He says that he feels humbled that his work has been recognised on an international platform.

(As appeared in DNA India)

Dr. Kurien is awarded gold medal in alternative medicine

Dr. Kurien S. Thomas, Founder - Executive Director of Effective Living Clinic and Chief Editor of Rejuvenate an online health and beauty magazine from Effective Living Clinic received Gold Medal Award from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for his extraordinary contributions in the field of Alternative Medicines.
Dr. Kurien is an excellent Corporate trainer, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Yoga therapist, Life Coach, Counsellor and a registered Medical Doctor practicing in Alternative Medicines at Vashi Navi Mumbai.

(As appeared in South Asian Mail)

Have we forgotten the art of good conversation?

Counselling psychologist Dr Kurien Thomas agrees that while people may be conversing more on different platforms now, it's the quality of their conversation that has gone down. "If you take a look at social media you will see that there is more sharing, but the quality of it has waned. People constantly engage on the virtual front, but that conversation is diluted and not effective to the extent it should be. Today, communication is also more need-based. We find people becoming more individualistic. It's a self-centred approach where you reach out only when you want something," he says, warning that this will have repercussions. "There are definite demerits to this; for one it's proven to be detrimental to interpersonal relations."

(As appeared in Bombay Times)

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