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Psychology-Life Coach Clinic


09.00 AM - 09.00 PM (IST)​


Mumbai & Bangalore MONDAY-FRIDAY

09.00 AM - 06.00 PM (IST) 


For other domestic & international locations: 

write to us and we will be glad to serve you


(Prior appointment appreciated)​

Dr. Kurien S. Thomas M.S, M.B.A, Ph.D


"My experience with Dr. Kurien has been great. I can feel a great difference in what I was and what I am now. I would always remember Dr. Kurien's coaching that he gave me. He was able to get to the deepest recesses of my mind and understand the fundemental issues and address them in a very effective and natural manner. I am ready now to start on a long journey with all the tools that I have now and I am very grateful to Dr. Kurien for all that."
-Mr. V ........P.......... (India)*
"They say a watched kettle never boils. I have been looking at myself, after myself for so long that I have only simmered; never boiled. It took someone's relentless efforts to make me look away. And that someone is you – Dr. Kurien. So in the past sessions you made me look at something other than me to make me look at myself. Like looking through a glass into a mirror. And I find myself getting better. I seem to be building up strength and a drive not related to external stimuli. Thank you, Doc. P.S. I thought myself a good strategist. I bow down now to you, master strategist. :-) Hats off!"
– Ms. P….. M…. (United Kingdom)*




"Must confess that I had been to many professionals but nobody other than Dr. Kurien Thomas ever looked into my problems the way he has done. He has been extremely decent and precise. He understood my problems very well and strategized methods to overcome my problems in the most simple and easy to follow manner that I could ever imagine. I could open up with my problems to him in a free and unhesitating manner. God bless you.."
- Ms. B........ M.......... (USA)*
Attending life coaching sessions with Dr. Kurien made me realize that what I was doing till now was nothing but not utilizing my potentiality though it seemed good in the eyes of many. After discussing issues with him and strategizing my growth, I am happy to say that I made remarkable progress in a short span of time. Good work Dr. Kurien. Thank you for making me realize at this stage of my life.
-Mr A____ N____(Dubai)*


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"I feel good to write about you and your sessions. I was very depressed and anxious before coming to you. During the sessions I always felt positive energy in myself to cope with the problem and I am at the right place. The atmosphere there is very neat and clean with fragrance of goodness. I like your personal touch with clients. You have best ability to judge person at single glance. I really admire you as a life coach, friend and great counselor."
– Mr. E…… N……… (India)*








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   NLP Practitioner


“It was a great experience in my life when I met you in my bad times . I still remember those days where I have decided to end my life because I was completely in state that I had nothing left in my life I cannot do anything good in my life... I don't have anything good in my life all you know about me that I was struggling financially and mentally. I had lost my confidence. Then I remember about my dad’s words and what he said about you...if you have any problem you can meet Dr. Kurien, He will help you. Then I did not leave my hope, I thought, I should meet you and take help from you. What should I do for these situations which were making me really mad. And from there, you made me understand things, made me to think in a positive way, what written in your office is right. GOD reaches people through people. He sends genuine well wishers to help His child, where I got a new beginning in my life, my relationship with my family, friends and with abcd... changed...started to think positive...hope, I will not change fiance... always says ............ kya hogaya hai tuje how did u change this much....I started loving him again.Hope my life get better and better with God grace. Thank you doctors....thanks a lot.... You are a gem.”
– Ms. S......... A......... (India)*

*Names of clients have been hidden to conceal identity. All testimonials are pasted verbatim as given to us by our esteemed clients.

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