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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a Staff Welfare program. This service is used by Employers extensively these days to manage issues of their employees and the related people/issues affecting the employee productivity which could translate into absenteeism of the employees and/or resultant  lower productivity. A happy household is the backbone of successful employees.



Effective Living INC can be your “EAP Partner” to create a happy employee community to your organization. Effective Living INC is an International Member of Employee Assistance Professionals Association - Virginia, USA. 


EAP provides professional support to the employees to deal with their own insecurities/block for advancement in performance and help to deal with their private/ household issues and if needed provide referrals to additional in- house resources such as Life Coach Program (for a limited number of sessions) which will help the employee to successfully come out of the given situation to perform as per the expectation of the Employer. The issues handled in EAP may vary from health concerns, stress,occupational stress, major life events, financial concerns, legal concerns, family/personal relationship issues, emotional distress, work life balance, work relationship issues, concerns about children and parents to name a few.


The procedure to avail the facility of “EAP Partner” with Effective Living INC is as follows:


An employer enters in to a yearly contract (EAP Agreement) with Effective Living Inc to manage its EAP upon the terms and conditions as per the EAP Agreement. The EAP Agreement will be confirmed by Effective Living INC upon pre-payment by the employer as per the EAP Agreement.  EAP services then become free to the employees and their immediate relatives upon request from the employer having been prepaid by their employer.


                                                        100% confidentiality maintained in all cases.


How does employers benefit out of EAP


It has been observed that offering EAPs may result in various benefits for employers, including lower medical costs and absenteeism, and higher employee productivity


  • EAPs may also provide other services to employers, such as supervisory consultations, support to troubled work teams, training and education programs, and critical incident services and assist to recruit new candidates and evaluate whether the position of employment fits their personality for the optimum utilization of their services.  


  • The provision of employee assistance services has established business benefits, including increased productivity of employees.


  • Our comprehensive, effective and flexible EAP deliver value to the organization and employees including their families.


  • By engaging Effective Living INC as your EAP Partner your employee gets quick and easy access to highly qualified, internationally certified counselors and life coach with expertise in personal, marriage, family, teenage and /or issues which may affect their productivity.


  • When in need employees can seek support and guidance immediately. This can prevent many issues which may have likely chance to aggravate in future which  take time, depressing incidences and energy to solve  and may reflects and result into decreased productivity.


  • Personalized consultations give tailor made solutions to issues at hand.


Do EFFECTIVE LIVING INC EAP service have geographical limits


We are well equipped with communication tools and internet platforms by our side. Effective Living INC is a global citizen.


Organizations and institutions across the globe can engage EFFECTIVE LIVING INC as their EAP Partner.


For more details contact us now.


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