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Our Psychologist-Coach - Dr. Kurien S. Thomas M.S; M.B.A; Ph.D

Dr. Kurien S. Thomas is a Counselling Psychologist & Life Coach (Non Medical) to many individuals, corporate professionals, eminent personalities and celebrities in India and abroad.


He has worked with individuals, teenagers and couples as a facilitator to solve marital problems and relationship issues. He  has helped people those suffering from acute depression, stress, anxiety, low self esteem and behavioral problem to overcome these issues by Psychotherapy, Life Coaching  and KYoga Therapy.​

He is also a registered member with International Coach Federation (ICF) and his Coaching Practices are from the CoachU which is accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF).​ 

He is a trained expert who coach clients in a unique, thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal & professional potential. 

​He has completed courses on “Stress Management” & "Prescribing Exercises" from Havard Medical School, United States of America.​


He is selected as the Mentor under Atal Innovation Mission Mentor of Change by NITI Aayog, Government of India.

His writings have been published in various websites, print media and digital media apart from his regular inputs in leading newspapers, being a columnist and in radio channels.  He is a Life Member with Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist, Association of Professional Counseling Psychologist, Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International, Indian Association of Holistic Psychology and affiliate member of American Psychological Association. He is also a member of Word Mental Health Federation.

Dr. Kurien Thomas is the Founder of Effective Living Inc.'s Effective Living Clinic, Effective Life Coach and KYoga Therapy. He is an excellent Corporate trainer, Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Yoga therapist, Life Coach, Writer, Orator and a Counsellor. His areas of specialization includes stress management, life coach, yoga therapy, prescribing exercises, counselling psychology, psychotherapy, building up positive personality, improving inter-personal relationships, counselling to name a few. He has trained numerous executives, managers, students, housewives, retired personnel etc. to become successful in their personal and professional life. He is an excellent motivator to individuals, corporate and students which help them to achieve their goals in time. He has delivered lectures on various subjects all over India and Abroad. His unique approach blends synergy of the wisdom of the east and transformation technologies in the west.

"I am writing a very informal mail to you because I can express myself comfortably with you. Here, I am working my way out with my parents discussing how unreasonable they were with me when they just did not understand me and my generation. It was my idea to consult a life coach and my dad’s decision to choose you out of all. That is how I first met you. The very first day you had been able to convince me that I had come to the right person and created a lot of confidence in me that coming to you was a good decision. After the very first meeting only things at my home front had started to improve. They were good to me and were very co-operative with whatever homework you gave them. Since then I am very comfortable and happy with my family. My parents have been very supportive all this while and my respect for them has only increased. They have been very mature in the way they have been handling everything. I love them very much and want to thank you a lot for getting me back my most prized possessions in this world. Come what may I am totally convinced that my parents are definitely going to be there for me always. I know that I just can’t live without them. Thank you Doc. My next session made me more comfortable with you and I was less guarded than the first. It just helped you know me better. My next session was when I had started to completely trust you and was more about my career and professional life and my potential and the upcoming exams. I wasn’t quite sure how this whole program is going to work in the second and the third session. I was a little disappointed because I thought that you were not coming to any conclusions and I was getting impatient by now. I was so sure that the last session would also not be of much use and I’ll come out of your clinic as confused as I had entered. But it is rightly said that one should not judge before it is time. The last session was probably the most important of all and it turned out to be a real rollercoaster to me. As there was too much for me to understand and get accustomed to. But one thing was for sure, I felt stupid for prejudging you with the little knowledge and experience I had. You were preparing me in the 2nd and the 3rd sessions for the last, had total control over the situation and most importantly knew what you were doing and how to deal with the situation satisfying my parents and me together (which seemed so impossible originally). I and my family is thankful to you Doc for the entire life for bringing such a great change in our lives." 
- Ms. S......... S........ (India)



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